New-Age Media 101 – A Primer

Advertisement, whether through OOH media or the so-called out-of-home media or electronic and digital media; can make any product reach to its ultimate destination with real smoothness. However, with each passing day the inclination of brands for advertisement has changed drastically. It is the digital platform that any company prefers for their advertising experience. The idea of promotion or branding has changed, and innovation has taken over the media industry.

Global advertisement or branding for products has taken a new shape and leaned mostly towards the digital platform. SEO, SEM or SMM all these modes of promotion have become the talk of the town. Companies through their digital platform are trying to connect with their clientele directly. Lucrative offers, positive user experience, and exciting packages – all these combine to promote and brand and reach the end user as directly as possible.

In today’s digital world, advertisement is no longer restricted to television sets or new papers, etc. The internet has transformed our lives in a big way. Today, people, consumers promote the product or service of the company. A satisfied customer shares his positive user experience when he likes the Facebook page or tweets about his experience, dealing with a particular company. Welcome to the whole new world of Innovation with emotion, aka, social media! 

The traditional media and the technologically advanced electronic media are struggling to keep pace with the digital media. The launch of e-commerce portals or other online portals with their new-age features and offers are reaching the end user directly. People prefer buying products from websites with maximum promotion. It is through online promotions like email marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social media marketing that people get to know about the latest products or their detailed feature; people hardly get time for television commercials. The entire advertising experience of an end-user revolves around the digital world.

Even the electronic companies are promoting their products and company online through channels such as Search Engine optimization, Social media marketing, etc. a digital way of advertisement. People no longer take newspaper ads as seriously as they take the online ads on websites. Neither do they have time for TV commercials, so it is the digital platform that brings both consumer and brand close to each other.