UPDATE: The Cynicism of the USA; Our Decline and Fall? (Part 1)

Via The Boston Globe

Via The Boston Globe

Curious.  In this morning's Boston Globe there was an article titled, "Middle class eroding, gap widening in Bristol, R.I." which speaks directly to the issues that were mentioned in yesterday's blog post, "The Cynicism of the USA; Our Decline and Fall? (Part 1)".  The article states:

"Like many other places in America, Bristol is increasingly a community of extremes, home to both great wealth and a shrinking middle class as more residents slip closer to poverty. Nearly one of every 10 households in Bristol County uses food stamps, more than double the number just a few years ago, representing one of the largest increases in New England."

Unemployment Rates for Bristol, RI and the Nation.

More than one third of households that are using the available food pantries (located about two miles away from Poppasquash Neck, where a mansion just sold for $5.2MM) have more than one wage-earner.

You can see that Bristol has a seasonal trend with their unemployment rate (blue line, and not surprising, it is a vacation destination), but it is consistently higher than the national average (red line).  Note however that the lines are starting to separate indicating a growing inequality.