Bank of America - Better Money Habits, Enterprise Content Program


What it was: During the financial crisis Bank of America was dealing with tough publicity as well as an ill-defined customer. The Better Money Habits program was rolled out to build sentiment as well as provide specific audiences with targeted, relevant content that would help them make better financial decisions for their life stage.

What I did: I managed the strategy review and implementation; collection and analysis of the business success metrics; and planned and sourced the communications plan and media tactics for the program.

What happened: During the two years the program helped Bank of America improve its brand perception. Additionally, Bank of America customers that were exposed to the content program were 2x more likely to take positive financial steps in their accounts (increase savings, pay off loans, etc.)

Liberty Mutual - MasterThis, Customer Retention Content Program


What it was: The majority of Liberty Mutual customers do not file a claim, which means that customers could begin to question why they are paying for a more premium product when larger competitors are always broadcasting savings messages. Liberty Mutual wanted to provide their customers with value-added content and relevant deals for their home(s) and vehicle(s) which was how MasterThis was created. MasterThis is a curated collection of content, created in partnership with HowStuffWorks, that provides content that addresses critical needs (“my basement is flooded!”), as well as casual interest (“how do I find out what my antiques are worth?”).

What I did: Coordinating with the client leadership, our creative and development teams, as well as my strategy peers and reports, we built this program from the ground up, customizing and curating the program to meet the needs of the Liberty Mutual customer audience mindsets.

What happened: The program has seen tremendous amounts of customer traffic and has more recently been part of the customer acquisition process. Though the data was still early when I was able to review it, there was a statistically significant positive correlation between the customer pools that were exposed to the program and their retention rates (reduction in churn).

Gap Inc. - Telent Brand and Recruitment Strategy, Business Strategy


What it was: Gap Inc. wanted to ignite excitement in their careers process and, being mostly based San Francisco, the competition for top talent was tough. Gap Inc.’s goal was to be seen as a relevant and exciting brand to those both entering the workforce, as well as to those whom have been in the workforce for some time. Besides impacting perception, Gap Inc. also wanted to create urgency and excitement to recruit and hire tech talent as they become a more technology-focused portfolio of brands.

What I did: Refreshing the online career experience requires much more than refreshing the visual identity of the site. Business strategy discovery started first: weeks of interviews with business, brand and talent stakeholders, end-user interviews as well as interviews corporate and field employees who use the platform to grow their own careers. I created the approach brand and business strategy, briefed our creative and development teems and provided oversight for the ten months that we had to launch the program.

What happened: Having launched in 2019, the results are impressive (though early). More technology talent is gaining interest in the opportunities in Gap Inc. and its portfolio companies and users who are applying for jobs are more likely to complete the application in one sitting rather than breaking it up into multiple sittings with the higher probability of generating an incomplete.

Ad Council - Love Has No Labels, Comms Planning and Social Strategy


What it was: The Ad Council wanted to make a splash with it's “Love Has No Labels” program and specifically wanted to create authentic moments of love across all perceived barriers. Released in time for Valentine's day, "Fans of Love" was filmed at the NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando in January 2017 -- the location is particularly significant given the mass shooting at the LGBT Pulse Club in 2016.

What I did: Working closely with R/GA, I provided communications planning as well as social media strategy, as there was a substantial social media presence post the “kiss cam” stunt at the Pro Bowl.

What happened: There was substantial coverage of the campaign, along with a high degree of engagement with the social and digital media assets. Overall impressions were high, with additional earned media increasing into the tens of millions of dollars from shares and news outlets picking up the story.