Creativity is a requirement in my line of work.  To engage in creative thinking is to view the world around oneself through new lenses, angles and motifs - which is the nature of my abstract artistic pursuits.  My portfolio attempts to define my emotional connection to the space around us and refine it in daily life. 


The Feed

Many times while going through my day I find myself without my beloved cameras, but not without my trusty iPhone.  My photo feed are opportunistic photos, photos I shoot in the heat of inspiration. 

Vintage Views

This set of photographs is a collection of 35mm B&W film, hand developed and then digitally colored.  Below you will find scenes of New England life that rarely come to the surface of our minds as they usually blend into the background of our busy lives.

Canon AE-1 Program and Fuji X30 


I created this set of photos to explore the theme of memory and recall.  The photos (originals: 35mm B&W film), have been slightly manipulated to present a distraction in the frame, a distraction that represents the troubles we have in remembering from time to time.

Canon AE-1 Program


Life on Cape Cod seems to slow down to a crawl during the off season, especially on New Years Day.  These photos were taken to showcase the abandoned beauty of Cape Cod, MA when no one is around.

Olympus PEN E-P5


Like the collection title infers, these photos are a collection of experimental abstract photos.  The first three shots were taken in 1998 with a Canon AE-1 camera (film) and manipulated forward film advancement.  The rest of the photos were taken on a Fuji x20 (digital).

Canon AE-1 Program, Fuji X30

The Gear

  • Digital

    • Canon 7D mkii

    • Fujifilm X100F

    • Fujifilm X70

    • Fujifilm X30

  • Film

    • Canon AE-1 Program (Kodak B&W film)

    • Canon AE-1 Program (Kodak Color film)