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“Smart, polished and ever curious, Chris was a tremendously valuable asset to our team as we stood up a large content marketing team. Beyond his admirable hard skills -- including data wizardry and command of the academics of marketing science -- Chris brought a huge amount to our department and agency culturally as well. We loved that he valued close relationships with his colleagues and clients alike. And most impressively, Chris was an amazing mentor to junior talent -- taking not only the time to get to know them, but to teach them an immense amount and answer any question they came across. Chris was a wonderful addition to our department and I'd look forward to collaborating with him again in the future”

Ben Grossman
SVP, Group Strategy Director at Jack Morton Worldwide

“I worked with Christopher on a project to harvest client references for our business solutions portfolio from across IBM. Christopher had been in a consulting role, working directly with other consultants to evaluate references and coordinate the ideal story to document. His insights, attention to detail, timely responses and easy-going attitude brought structure to this project and allowed all of us to maintain momentum and continuity….I look forward to working with Christopher again in the future.”

Scott Neuman
Director of Marketing, Watson Internet of Things at IBM

“Chris is a pioneer of sorts inside the advertising agency construct as he takes on the challenge of integrating a more analytical mindset into a creative culture. After working with over a dozen analysts in my career, Chris is the only one who succeeds at bringing analytical insights to the table that matter. He clearly understands that inside an agency, analytics need to influence or enhance a consumer strategy or the creative development process rather than weigh down the objective or take a team off course. Chris is also the guy you want in the room. He is a natural collaborator who works easily among people with different areas of expertise and respects those around him. I am proud of the work Chris and I accomplished together and would work with him again in a heartbeat. Chris is simply ahead of the curve in leading agencies on how best to use analytics to their advantage and to help their clients achieve success.”

Greg Meyer
VP, Client Partnerships & Influencer Marketing at HYFN

“Chris is a rare breed of professional who is able to balance and blend, left brain logic and analysis with right brain creativity and imagination. A strategic thinker who effortlessly sees the “big picture” in his work, he is able to engage others as he identifies key insights and uses those insights to support, drive and strengthen the strategic positioning of the brands he partners with. He is intelligent and eloquent in his delivery of findings/ recommendations and as an advisor, possesses a level of intellectual curiosity and emotional intelligence that is often lost in our industry. Respected by his staff, peers and management alike, Chris is clearly a top performer in his field and an asset to his engagement teams and clients.”

David Collier
VP, Enterprise Program Management at Beacon Health